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  • Swati Chopra

Mapping Out the Future: Tips for Finalizing Next Year's Courses

Happy New Year Zal Method families! January came and went pretty fast, like it always does and it's time to start planning out the next academic school year.

Every year around this time, I sit down with each and every one of my students to plan out their AP, Advanced, and Honors classes to make sure they're taking the right combination of classes and not jeopardizing their GPA in the process. Aiming too high and taking too many hard classes can take it's toll on students and we need to make sure that the courses they're choosing are a good balance especially since most students have a lot of extra-curricular activities on the weekends and after school.

Please keep in mind that many high schools have released their course sheets this past week and expect students to finalize their schedules within a week or two. This doesn't give us too much time so please plan accordingly. You're welcome to book a time on my website or send me an email if you don't find a suitable time that works for your family.

An hour long session works well for students who I meet two or three times a year and it gives us enough time to go over their current classes, their likes and dislikes, optional electives, and talk about various pathways or choices in science and mathematics.

Class of 2025 - If you're planning to sign up for the Senior Strategy Comprehensive Counseling Package please reach out to me now. It's hard to say when I'll be full and it helps me plan if I know that you're interested. If you sign up now, it'll also give us a chance to meet in the next two weeks to plan out your senior year and summer.

Class of 2026 - Summer planning starts now! The summer after 10th grade is crucial so let's make sure you know your options and make the most of those months. If you would like to be added to my mailing list for meeting reminders please let me know. If we haven't met yet, I offer a free 30 minute consultation to new families to help us get acquainted.

Class of 2027 and beyond - I offer hourly sessions because I know some families do not need a comprehensive counseling package so early in high school. It helps to meet once a semester so that I can get to know my students and help them adjust to high school.


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