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  • Swati Chopra

REMINDER - '4 Years to College - Understanding the High School Years' is tomorrow!

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

My annual '4 Years to College' webinar is coming up on Sunday, April 24th.

In the 50 minute webinar, we'll cover everything from GPA calculations and AP/Honors classes to University of California admission requirements. We'll cover topics which are important to understand as your student starts their high school journey, information that's imperative to have at the beginning of their high school career.

While this webinar is geared towards 8th and 9th grade families, it's never too early to understand the process. While most of the attendees will be local, all students are welcome, regardless of whether you're in CA or out of state. The college admissions process and the information you need to be successful is the same whether you're in a private school or a public school.

Registration is free but required. Use this link to save your seat. I look forwarded to seeing you there!


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