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Welcome to my counseling services! I take pride in my work and you'll see the difference when we meet.  Each student is 

unique, with unique abilities and strengths, and I'll make sure we tap into those strengths to help them be the best they can be!



I offer the following services:


  • Free 30 minute consultation, if required

  • Hourly Counseling

  • Middle School Math Placement and Electives Advice

  • High School Course Counseling

  • Extracurricular and Leadership Counseling

  • College List Building 

  • College Search Advice

  • Essay Brainstorming

  • Essay Editing and Help

  • College Applications

  • Scholarships/Financial Aid

  • SAT and ACT Testing Information

  • Researching majors 

  • Researching careers

  • I work and partner with Polygence to offer research opportunities to my students

  • Aptitude Testing

  • Post Admission Counseling

  • And everything in between!


I truly believe that the college planning process should be available to everyone and am happy to offer hourly sessions as well as year-long comprehensive packages.


I offer full sophomore, junior, and senior year packages to help you with financial aid, scholarships, college applications, deadlines, etc. I honestly believe that students in their freshman year and younger don't need more than 2 or 3 meetings a year. The best time to come in and meet with me is when your eighth grader is planning his/her freshman year course load.



I offer a free 30 minute consultation to all new families but if you know what you need and have a list of specific questions, we can plan to get right down to business the moment we meet.  Why waste time? Bring in your questions and concerns or better yet, send them to me before hand and we'll tackle them one by one. 


I charge according to your student's grade, please check Book Online for more pricing information.

I don't like to be tied into something without knowing what I'm getting tied into and I'm sure you feel the same way. So, we can take it one meeting at a time and you pay as you go. If you're a parent of a junior or senior and want the comfort of knowing that I'm working with you all the way through, I'll set up a package plan with unlimited help.

If you would like help on specific topics, I can set up a special package for you as well. For example, brainstorming to create a college list starts at $1800. Time constraints and deadlines will be strictly enforced. 

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