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  • Swati Chopra

Welcome aboard, Class of 2023!

As summer comes to an end, I'm sure I'm not the only one who feels that the past three months just flew by. I hope everyone got some much-needed rest but also had a chance to travel and spend time with friends and extended family — something we just didn't get enough of during the past two years.

August 1st is an important milestone for college-bound seniors. The University of California application portal opened this week and the Common App rolled over to the new admission cycle as well. Students are now able to start entering their personal data and familiarize themselves with these two portals. The California State University system opens up on October 1st.

I'm looking forward to catching up with my students and families for their hourly sessions in the coming weeks. It's always a good idea to come in for a session once a semester. It helps us stay connected and tackle any issues that might arise. This past year, I've come across many students who have been struggling due to the pandemic. When students come to me just before their senior year, our hands are tied, and there's not much we can do to improve their GPA and transcript. It's always helpful to meet earlier so that I can help students find classes to make up their grades or find summer programs that allow them to pursue their majors and passions.

Class of 2023: With school just around the corner, now is a good time to start planning and organizing everything for the upcoming application season. Your college list should be close to being finalized and you should have enough research under your belt to be comfortable and confident about the majors you are choosing. Essays tend to take longer than most people think, so start working on your UC PIQs (personal insight questions) and Personal Statement early. Essays are a huge part of your application and they need to be as strong as possible. Knowing when to apply is half the battle, so keep an eye on those early action deadlines so you're ready to submit your applications in a timely manner.

Class of 2024: I know you all have been busy with summer activities and programs. Keep the momentum going as you enter junior year. Stay active in your extracurriculars and keep an eye on your GPA. Enjoy school and everything that comes with it, but don't lose sight of your goals. If you've been struggling with time management, this is a good time to start over. Keep a planner and make a list of your priorities and break things down into small, easy steps. We tend to get overwhelmed with our to-do list, but having something to check off on a daily basis helps fight the anxiety. If you're interested in learning more about our Junior Jumpstart Comprehensive Package, let me know and we can walk through all the different topics we cover during 11th grade.

Class of 2025 and Class of 2026: Whether you're a freshman or a sophomore, it's a great time to really dig deep into activities you love. Join clubs and take the time to expand your hobbies and interests. Make a 4 year plan so you know what you need to do and have a better grasp of your timeline.

Good luck as you start the new school year!


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