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Zal Method College Admissions Counseling LLC was created in order to help families successfully navigate the high school years


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Swati is a Certified Independent Educational Counselor and member of:


I'm proud to partner with Polygence - an online research program to help my students pursue passion projects


  • Swati is an absolute expert in the college search and admission process. From the UC campuses to the most highly selective private schools, she has a deep understanding of the ins and outs of college applications. I have had the pleasure of working with her. She is professional, knowledgeable, and, most of all, has an incredible ability to connect with teens and understand their needs. Swati is amazing and I highly recommend her services. Sylvia B (on Google) - Dec 2023

  • I would like to thank Zal Method for their very thoughtful approach on how they assist students in their journey to apply for college. It is not an easy task to assume and can be very confusing at times, sometimes overwhelming.
    Our advisor Swati was very instrumental on assisting our son Jayden through the entire process. She developed a plan, held weekly and monthly
    meetings through the process, assigned action items and held him accountable while always being there to lend her support to ensure all deadlines were met.
    I would absolutely recommend anyone who has a high school student applying to college to leverage Zal Method. Your student will thank you and you will feel the relief by having someone like Swati on your side ensuring your student is taken care of. Al A. (on Yelp) - March 2022

  • Zal Method's software and overall process was very organized and detailed. Swati was very attentive and understanding of my daughter's goals. She guided her step by step through college selection process. Swati helped her select the right UC prompts based on her personality and strengths and helped her with targeted feedback. My daughter was consistently excited with the application process and did not miss a single action item. We truly appreciate Swati for her help and guidance for my daughter's critical milestone. DHS dad, Class of 2021 - June 2021

  • We got in touch with Swati to help with my son's foray to college admissions in the US. Being a student based in India , there were innumerable queries, apprehensions and ambiguities to the whole process for us.  I highly appreciate Swati's patience , dedication and focus toward providing us with relevant & timely information and bringing clarity. Her assistance in shortlisting the colleges and guidance through the pros and cons was indeed exemplary. Strongly recommend her services for a very personalised and comforting experience through this stage. Anupama G (on Yelp) - 2020

  • We also hired Swati to help with my daughter's college application and essay. Swati was really helpful in navigating the complex essay writing process. She helped my daughter to make her case even stronger and pointed out what colleges may be looking for. Swati brought my confidence to my daughter application. Results are still unknown but very hopeful. Definitely recommend Swati services. Ilya L (on Yelp) - 2020

  • We hired Swati to help us with our son's college list and essays. She did a great job. She was thorough in her research and helped us find colleges that we didn't know about. She also gave my son good feedback on his writing and essays without losing sight of the content. Her work was very personalized. We will definitely recommend her to our friends. Jodi G (on Yelp) - 2019

  • ​​Swati helped my son understand that the best way to proceed was to take one step at a time. If you start early, there's no need to fear the admission process. Seema R - 2018

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